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Here is a log of pushed update posts of any changes/updates made to Zombacus. Users that have helped give ideas or contributed will be credited and a link to their Socials will be hyperlinked in their name.
Version 3.0+
21 Nov 2019
- File fixes.

- Strategy database.

- Patched in French luck.

- Took splash damage from my bow shot.

- Increased sidebar size.

- Fixed drop tracker for BO2.

- Fixed drop tracker for IX.

- Started building the users UI.

- Fixed scroll bar styling on Mozilla Firefox so that they are a similar style to other browsers *cough hurry up Edge*.

- Added colour picker.

- Bought a server.

- Server broke.

- Shouted at the server.

- Got shouted at for shouting at the server.

- Swallowed sadness.

- Server fixed.

- Updated loader.

- Fixed an issue with AdBlocker stopping users from using some of the features.

- Fixed a bug which caused the Boss Tracker to stay in an endless loop.

- Removed the homepage button on the homepage which linked to the homepage... homepage.

- Revamped round statistics on the boss tracker, data now show your rounds clearly and now shows your averages.

- Updated round statistics on the boss tracker so that it counts the average starting from the second input.

- Fixed an issue with the Time tracker where the current alert box would be hidden under the previous menu, where as it should be the other way round.

- Added Gen zombies to origins on the boss tracker.

- Added Coop versions of Origins on the boss tracker as they have different Panzer rounds to Solo.

- Updated intro message on the homepage which gives the user a quick informative rundown of the site.

- Moved intro message to the about page.

- Monkeys stole my icons.

- Found my missing icons.

- Switched colour slider to hexadecimal and updated how colours are presented on the site.

- Fixed drop tracker for Der Riese.

- Switched up the side menu system.

- Added in a few themes: Halloween, Sites birthday, Christmas.

- Converted the broadcasters list into a expand and retract system.

- Updated required kills on the camo tracker.

- Switched the time display on the zombie calculator from "D:H:M:S" to "H:M:S" (requested by @Vastizzz).

- Added missing DLC weapons to the camo tracker: Peacekeeper, AN-94, Stingray, M-16, Tigershark, Vendetta, Havelina, Locus, Argus, Reaver, and Ballistic Knives. (thank you to triedwhistle629).

- Mobile text optimisation on homepage.

- Updated Twitch broadcasters and converted the account url to account IDs so that it shows their game, viewers and twitch account name.

- Started working on Accounts.

- Started working on Downloadables.

- Disabled sound on trackers for mobiles so that it doesn't disrupt any other audio on the users device.

- Account creation: Register, Login, Verification, & Forgotten password.

- Updated camo tracker so that if you are signed in, it saves to your account instead of your cookies.

- Updated UI for user settings menu.

7 May 2019
- Done a few layout and optimisation changes to help with workflow and loading times.

- Set up the statistics page so that "Page views" & "Feature popularity" will now update hourly instead of doing it manually each month (this does not apply to "Top countries by hits").

Note: Next few updates may be slow due to working on commissioned web design work, if you experience any bugs or would like to recommend some features to the site please contact me. The next big updates will be focusing on Downloadable tools, and Strategy databases, stay tuned!
1 May 2019
- Updated statistics page.

- Made some changes to the UI of the camo tracker, brighter boxes for the camos that are selected.

- Updated challenge requirements on box weapons due to the latest patch 1.17.

- Icons next to weapons to establish if they are a wall or box weapon.

- Quick checkmarks for performance and technical camos which will tick all of the camos in that category in one click (idea suggested by @xUdders).

- Added link titles and a supporters section to the navigation bar.
11 Apr 2019
- Added backgrounds to the time tracker so that its easier to differentiate the splits (may require you to clear your cookies/local storage).

- Fixed a bug where the last input on the time tracker didnt save on the calculated delta.

- Altered the design of the statistics graph so that its stacked and allows users to filter the results by clicking the legends.

- Optimised ad units.
1 Apr 2019
- Added Ancient Evil to drop tracker and boss tracker.

- Created Camo tracker for Dark Matter grinders.

- Added percentage bars for Camo tracker.

- Added reset button for Camo tracker.
8 Mar 2019
- Added statistics page.
5 Mar 2019
- Added time tracker feature to zombacus (idea requested by @JordiiPi7).

- Added discord link for the discord server.

- Made a bunch of typos.

- Fixed a bunch of tpyos.

- S̴̭͛̐u̸̟̭͐́̔c̶̨̽̎͠c̴̜̪͛̔͝
8 Feb 2019
- New optimised graphs on the boss tracker page with the ability to save them as a PNG.
31 Jan 2019
- Updated gumball cycle tracker to new design.

- Fixed a few mobile issues.

- Now made it so it supports up to 4 players.

- Saves your cycles progress so you are left back where you last were so nothing is lost.

- Unique reset buttons so it only resets the cycle on the selected player.
29 Jan 2019
- Updated boss tracker to new design.

- Rescripted whole page to make it so items are generated, this should hopefully help with load times.

- Added Dead of the Night to the boss tracker maps.

- Added various check-ups on the manual inputs for the boss trackers, if it's within the range it will detect if it's a 3-13 rounder.

- Added colour coded round buttons spanning from green to red symbolising good and bad luck (idea requested by @TTS4life).

- Added stat displays which show what percentage of your selected rounds are good, bad or what you get the most of (idea requested by @Lambster115).

- Added new pop up alerts for various scenarios I.E. inputs, unsupported pages, validation, etc.

- Updated the update log page to the new design.

Upcoming request updates:

- Up to 4 player support on gumball tracker.

- Merged trackers (displays gumballs, bosses, and drops on one page).

- Round milestone time tracker along with ghost references to compare times.

- .EXE versions for PC players? (wont know until I try it).
3 Jan 2019
- Drop cycle is now in the new design.

- Done a few mechanic changes to the drop cycle page so hopefully it loads much quicker now.

- Added Dead of the Night to the drop cycle maps.
29 Dec 2018
- Drop cycle fixes: Added Death Machines to Black Ops' Five and Moon.
28 Dec 2018
- Fixed Gorod Krovi rounds from 5 - 6 to 7 - 9.
26 Dec 2018
- New layout designs for homepage and calculator pages.

- Changed time display on the calculators to show days alongside hours, minutes and seconds.

- Added combined round time estimator to support from round 1 instead of from round 10 onwards.

- Added average SPH estimator (idea requested by @Lambster115).

- Made it so a certain amount of seconds are taken off each round to diminish round intermissions and give accurate SPH's.

- Patched elves.

- Watched Shrek for like the 1,000th time.

- Cried over the ending of Monsters Inc.

- Removed about 50 tonnes worth of christmas leftovers from my system.

Merry chrimbo and a happy new year
14 Dec 2018
- Updated Gumball tracker, mega gums have now been added.

- Colour coordinated gums to how they are in-game, grey for common/classics, green for megas, yellow for rare megas, and purple/pink for ultra-rare megas.

- Updated loading screen with a more subtle exit animation.
11 Dec 2018
- Created Gumball cycle tracker.

- Further optimisation on all images and videos.

- New progress loading bar, now shows a percentage of whats loaded in real time.

- Added backgrounds to Bodega Cervantes and Altar of Blood.
Version 2.0+
8 Dec 2018
- Altered the trackers so that the description text hides when you select a game allowing users to access the trackers without having to scroll every time they refresh.
7 Dec 2018
- Fixed a bug where the ammo button in the drop cycle on a certain map wouldnt register if the same map had boss info filled out for it as well.
6 Dec 2018
- Updated drop cycle to be the same system as the boss tracker.

- Added a "current cycle" column which shows your current cycle in real time.

- Drop cycle now saves your progress.

- Added in a loading screen so that the page loads when all info is ready.

- Fixed a bug where the page wouldnt load up due to the page not actually existing.

- Swapped out videos to images for load times and browser performance.

- Added Discord to contact section and removed form.
4 Dec 2018
- Edited and optimised backing video to reduce loading times.

- Updated the boss tracker so that it remembers your last position and returns you to it when you next open it up.
3 Dec 2018
- Created Boss Tracker feature.

- Scrapped multi-page idea (Reason: Too many wasted pages).

- Created a selection menu that directs you to the respected tracker.

- Set up storage system so that users don't lose their position if they lose connection or close the page down (Only applies to boss tracker at the moment).

- Added reset button to allow the user to wipe the history of the rounds they have entered.

- Changed the reset button so that it is independent on each tracker (Reason: Button was wiping all trackers instead of just the selected one).

- Added feedback sound so that users know when they have clicked the submit button.

- Added styling to the round history section and rounds.

- Changed the history round display to show 5-4 boxes on PC, and 2 on mobile (Reason: Lots of spare room).

- Added styling to the titles and info panels, they are now a different colour to differentiate what sections change.

- Changed alert size so that it displays properly on mobile devices.

- Altered the round history script, it will now display the latest entry at the top.

- Created back button so it brings up the previous menu.

- Altered back button so it brings you back to the map selection (Reason: Eliminates unnecessary repetition).

- Altered history to tally up the total count of a certain round you have had.

- Added images to map selection for the boss tracker.

- Altered styling of the map selection icons, the names of the maps now display over the image instead of below, changed aspect ratio of the images.

- Removed CE Error.

- Changed projected boss/special round from a static range to a dynamic button layout which allow users to update the current round with just a click of a button.

- Added an undo button to remove latest round input.

- Updated navigation bar to allow users to middle click the buttons (to open in a new tab).

- Added Crash Easter Egg.

Big thank you to PlasmidJeff, TTS4life, CrashMyBandicoot, TheGamerzEnd and TheMCZombieSlayer for the feedback on mechanics ideas of the tracker and map info .
29 Nov 2018
- Made a few changes to the calculator with extra functionality for keyboard inputs and mobile use.

- Added two new sections to the calculator; Total zombie count (idea requested by @TTS4life), and zombie health.

- Fixed a few bugs with the WW2 zombie round count where it wasn't capping after round 100.

- Preparing for some UI changes for the Boss tracker update coming soon.
26 Nov 2018
- Pop, that is all.
25 Nov 2018
- Updated reset button on drop cycle page.

- Added a contact page for users to report bugs, request features, or submit the entire bee movie script.
21 Nov 2018
- Updated the SPH calculator, you can now input the amount of Hours, Minutes and Seconds so that you get an accurate sph (idea requested by CrashMyBandicoot).
20 Nov 2018
- Created Updates/Change log page.

- Added icons to the navigation bar.

- Altered layout designs of the navigation bar to adapt to other devices.

- Updated the buttons on the Zombie Calculator, they now have animations.

- Changed scaling of multiple items on all pages.

- Added Death Machine, and Zombie Blood graphics to drop cycle.

- Altered layouts of Zombies Per Round Calculator.

- Changed the order of the zombie calculators as it was requested.

- Changed the name of the calculators.

- Added headers and removed intro text (now only appears on the home page).

- Changed the colour of the drop down lists as it blended too much into the surrounding buttons.

- Added plus and minus buttons to the current round allowing users to change the round number with the mouse or keyboard (idea requested by @TTS4life).

- Added onto the round time calculator, there is now a feature that allows the user to work out how long it will take from one round to another with a given sph.

- Added a Dylannn 404 page (batteries not included).
19 Nov 2018
- Updated navigation buttons for the new features.
18 Nov 2018
- Started on planning to divide the features into separate pages to improve load times and to allow others to give direct links to a certain feature E.g. /zombiecalculator for the calculator, /dropcycle for the drop cycle tracker, etc.
17 Nov 2018
- Fixed a reported issue with the Tram Fuse drop not getting reset after the "Reset" button has been clicked.
14 Nov 2018
- Updated the previous cycle display to display a number beside it showing the order of the users cycle.
13 Nov 2018
- Updated Zombacus to make the Drop Cycle tracker available to the public.

- Removed Kebab.
Version 1.0+
12 Nov 2018
- Scripted the drop cycle to clear once all drops are clicked.

- Created a section underneath the drops called "Previous Cycle" which will display the previous drop cycle after all drops have been clicked.

- Changed the name of "Drops" to Current Cycle.
11 Nov 2018
- Added an "Extras" section above the drops as wildcards allowing the user to input/change the drops depending on what they do in the game (saves having to click the rest of the drops just to complete the cycle).

- Added Firesales, Carpenters, Full Power, and Death Machine as wildcards.
10 Nov 2018
- Discovered list was too long on mobile phones.

- Broke the list up into games; Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Call of Duty: World War II, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.
9 Nov 2018
- Added all maps into one list and assigned drops to display relative to the map.
8 Nov 2018
- Started concepting the drop cycle tracker.
4 Nov 2018
- Launched Zombacus.
Version 0.1+
3 Nov 2018
- Minor changes made to text and proportion scaling.

- Added colour codes to numbers related to certain categories e.g. green - zombie round, red - players in game.
2 Nov 2018
- Segmented each calculator into its own sections so the user doesnt have to scroll through everything and only has to click the items that they want.
29 Oct 2018
- Edited the scripts so that any box on the calculators updates everything else.

- Removed update button due to the above reason.

- Updated site name to Zombacus (idea requested by @frickintight), was Zombie Abacus.
28 Oct 2018
- Changed Number of players from a slider to a drop down list.

- Fixed issue where items selected in the drop down lists didnt update the rest of the calculator.
27 Oct 2018
- Updated colour scheme to fit the house style of the logo.

- Altered layout styles so that it centers in the screen at all times.
26 Oct 2018
- Added total hordes on that particular round.

- Added Round Time estimator.

- Added SPH estimator.
25 Oct 2018
- Created Zombie Abacus.

- Created zombies per round calculator.