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Happy Halloween!
Here is a list of strategies spanning across multiple COD titles. This will be an ongoing database so as new strategies and optimisations are discovered/submitted, this database will also be updated. This database consists of:

Low Round Strategies - This will consist of how to play out the map in the early rounds or upto max spawn rate.
High Round Strategies - This will consist of how to play out the map in the later rounds and will be ordered by SPH.
Instakill Strategies - This will consist of how to play out the map in the instakill rounds and will be ordered by SPH (BO1).
Tips & Tricks - This will consist of mini tips and tricks to help a player on the map that they are currently playing or wish to learn, this can be stuff such as: trading tips, efficient ways to use instakill drops, things which can reduce or prevent errors, efficient ways to kill bosses or complete special rounds, no ammo strategies, etc.

All uploads on Zombacus are for archival purposes, please take some time to check out the original creator/video and support them. If you would like the reupload replaced with the original please contact me.

Note - This is still in the early days so there are going to be areas that are barren. If there is anything wrong in this database, or you would like to contribute towards it, please send me a message on Twitter or join the Discord.
New to Black Ops 1? Click here for a quick rundown on things to do before starting up a game.
Kino Der Toten(0)
Call of the Dead(0)
Nacht Der Untoten(0)
Shi No Numa(0)
Der Riese(0)
Green Run Survival(0)
Die Rise(0)
Mob of the Dead(0)
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Shadows of Evil(0)
The Giant(0)
Der Eisendrache(0)
Zetsubou No Shima(0)
Gorod Krovi(0)
Nacht Der Untoten BO3(0)
Verrückt BO3(0)
Shi No Numa BO3(0)
Kino Der Toten BO3(0)
Ascension BO3(0)
Shangri-La BO3(0)
Moon BO3(0)
Origins BO3(0)
Voyage of Despair(0)
Blood of the Dead(0)
Dead of the Night(0)
Ancient Evil(0)
Alpha Omega(0)
Tag Der Toten(0)
Low Round Strategies
High Round Strategies
Instakill Strategies
Tips & Tricks
First Room Strategies