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Accounts Ahoy!
Zombacus accounts are finally here and are now in open BETA! Any feedback will be appreciated as features get updated/created.
Note: Zombacus and ZBC accounts are linked.

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Verruckt Gauntlet Event!
Check out the "Verruckt Gauntlet" event created by tthatjerkmummert
"Restart, must max out!"
Event Start: Sep 11th, 2020 - 00:00:00 BST
Event Finish: Sep 30th, 2020 - 23:59:00 BST
Winter Wunderland Gauntlet!
Check out Wunders Winter Wunderland gauntlet, click 'Take Me There' for more info!
Note: The event has been extended due to map bugs, for more info check out Wunderfuls Twitter to keep posted.
Here is a list of live broadcasters from our Twitch database that has a total of 530 members in it! This consists of members that have promoted Zombacus, brought forward ideas and suggestions to the development of the site, have connected their Twitch to their Zombacus account, or are purely community suggestions.

Even though Zombacus revolves mainly around Call of Duty: Zombies, some members on this list might stream a variety of content that isn't based on zombies, and we are more than happy to help support them in our community no matter the size of the channel, as there may be users on this site that are interested in other games as well. So please feel free to discover someone new by checking out the list below!

If you would like your account added to this list you can do so by creating a Zombacus Account or if there is someone you'd like to recommend then please use the submission form below.

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