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Welcome to Zombacus, this is a website tool for all things zombie related for both the hardcore and casual players. On this site you will find a variety of tools for World at War (WAW), Black Ops (BO1), Black Ops 2 (BO2), Black Ops 3 (BO3), Black Ops 4 (BO4), Advanced Warfare (AW), Infinite Warfare (IW), and World War II (WW2) such as:

Zombie Calculator: WAW, BO1, BO2, BO3, BO4, AW, IW, WW2.
Zombie round stats - Allows you to find out the following: "how many zombies on round x", "zombies up to round x", "hordes on round x", "zombie health on round x". Supports 1 - 4 players.
Seconds per horde calculator - Allows you to find out the given SPH of a select round.
Round time calculator - Allows you to work out how long a specific round would take from a given SPH.
Combined round time estimator - Allows you to roughly work out how long it would take to get from round 'A' to round 'B' (option to include a given special round coming soon).
Average seconds per horde estimator - Gives you an estimated SPH between two sets of times and rounds, automatically takes out the round intermission time.

Drop Tracker: BO1, BO2, BO3, BO4.
Scenario wildcards - Toggle options for each scenario to add and remove drops from your tracker such as: moving the box to activate firesales, etc.
Drop cycle history - Visible representations of your current and previous drop cycle, all numbered to help you keep on top of your drop cycles.

Gumball Tracker: BO3.
Player select - Supports up to 4 players tracking their gumballs (shareable link to give to your coop partners and stream coming soon).
Gumball selection - Select from a list of the gumballs you are currently using, this has a search feature to allow you to easily find the gumballs that you want.
Active/Previous cycle - As you complete an active gumball cycle it will be listed in the previous cycle visualising the start of a new cycle (gumball tracking statistics coming soon).

Boss Tracker: BO1, BO2, BO3, BO4, AW, IW, WW2.
Auto predicted special rounds - Any rounds inputted into the boss tracker will calculate the next possible special rounds.
History - All tracked special rounds will be listed in the history section, colour coded to show whether or not they are a below average or above average round.
Statistics - Your second special round up to your last will be represented here in a visual bar chart, as well as calculating your average special round.

Camo Tracker: BO4.
Progression bars - Track your dark matter progression as you complete your headshot and technical challenges.
Weapon info - Find out whether the weapon you are working towards is an exclusive box or wall weapon.

Strategy Database: BO1, BO2, BO3, BO4.
Low Round Strategies - This will consist of how to play out the map in the early rounds or upto max spawn rate.
High Round Strategies - This will consist of how to play out the map in the later rounds and will be ordered by SPH.
Instakill Strategies - This will consist of how to play out the map in the instakill rounds and will be ordered by SPH (BO1).
Tips & Tricks - This will consist of mini tips and tricks to help a player on the map that they are currently playing or wish to learn, this can be stuff such as: trading tips, efficient ways to use instakill drops, things which can reduce or prevent errors, efficient ways to kill bosses or complete special rounds, no ammo strategies, etc.

If you have any issues or ideas feel free to contact me, hope you enjoy - Gashy