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Current Development Projects

Here you can find what I am currently working on if I have any live projects.

Current Project: Fixing the site

On August 1st, a lot of the pages on Zombacus were experiencing a bunch of timout error codes.

Timeouts are a common part of the internet, all with their different reasonings E.G. throttling, temporary restriction to a user or IP, etc.

However these timeouts that Zombacus has been experiencing are not a planned feature/implementation, so this needs to be fixed.

Whats to be expected?

Hopefully fully fixed, back up and running with a few needed extras and optimisations, for example you may have noticed the new header, footer and font changes.

This will require going through every single page, file and function whilst refactoring code in order to bring them to a functional and professional standard.

How long will this take?

Unfortunately I can't give a specific date, as this is quite a large task and I will only be able to work on this outside of work and family commitments, but I will be working hard to get these fixes done ASAP as I feel every day this isnt fixed I am letting a lot of regulars and newcomers down.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Yes! You can help by letting me know if any of the pages below (that are currently undergoing testing) are working on your end via the form. This lets me know that things are running how they are intended.

No Timeframe Set

Not started
In development
Server testing
Completed (1 week without downtime)
Fix home page - Test passed on Aug 15th
Fix donate page - Test passed on Aug 15th
Fix login/registration related pages - Test passed on Aug 19th
Fix strategy database page - Test passed on Aug 20th
Fix updates page - Test passed on Aug 20th
Fix drop tracker page - Test passed on Aug 28th
Fix drop tracker legacy page - Test passed on Aug 28th
Fix boss tracker page - Test passed on Sep 25th
Fix boss tracker legacy page - Test passed on Sep 25th
Add legal pages - Test passed on Oct 10th
Fix sitemap - Test passed on Oct 10th
Add averages to boss tracker - Test passed on Nov 19th
Fix home page features
Fix staff page
Fix profiles archive page
Fix profiles single page
Fix profile editor page
Fix admin stuff
Fix zombie calculator page
Fix gumball tracker page
Fix camo tracker archive page
Fix camo tracker single page
Fix events archive page
Fix events single page
Fix events admin page
Fix resources page
Fix statistics page
Fix about page
Fix stream elements page