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"Remember, switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading"
ThatDragonBoi's Zombacus Profile
Just a 16-year-old with too much time on their hand, so they spend it playing any zombies. They own all Black Ops on PlayStation (WaW, Black Ops, and BO2 on PS3, BO3, BO4, and BOCW on PS4), and even have BOCW on PC. Add me if you wanna!
TorchTheDragon Server: XBFqJk7Vtp ThatDragonBoi
Last Active
2 months ago
Date Joined
Dec 09, 2020, 21:23:09 GMT
LVL 96
Total: 427,455 XP
Next Level: 1,599 XP
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